tail winds

I have let the fear of failure get in my way my entire life.  I’m not sure where it comes from.  My parents never placed any kind of unreasonable pressure on me.  But it’s held me back from pursuing a career in photography for years, so I’ve never fully put myself out there.  My husband and friends constantly remind me, I have nothing to lose.  Literally.  I have nothing to lose.  

During one of these come to Jesus talks with a friend, he told me a quote about fear that had resonated with him.  In the series, The Defiant Ones, Jimmy Iovine discussed the number one thing that made him successful.  He said it was when he was finally able to turn fear into a tail wind instead of a head wind.

It makes perfect sense.  I will always be afraid of failure, but it’s time to stop letting it hold me back.  I’m doing this for real.  And it's terrifying.


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