little wolf's first howling

Laura McGee Kvasnosky has been close friend of the family as long as I can remember.  She has the dream job of illustrating children's books.  Ethan has There Once was a Puffin memorized.  When Laura reached out to me and asked me if I'd be willing to photograph a book reading of her newest project, I couldn't wait to find out more.  When I arrived at the Secret Garden Bookstore in Ballard, I got to see Laura and her sister, Kate, do a run through of the reading of Little Wolf's First Howling.  I immediately wished my kids were there.  It was perfection.  They even had a bass player.  Then the people started rolling in.   I didn't know what kind of crowd to expect, but the place was packed.  Laura and Kate greeted friends and signed books, then completely transfixed the audience with their theatrical performance.  And because Laura is ridiculously thoughtful and generous, she left a signed copy for my family.  After Ethan was read Little Wolf at bedtime and we had said goodnight, I heard him in his room howling a half hour later.